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We deliver music to hundreds of partners worldwide including digital download stores, such as iTunes, Amazon, Mymusic.com.ng and Google Play, Audio and Video streaming services, such as Spotify, Cloud9, Deezer and YouTube. We deliver music to over 200 outlets in globally.


Sell / Stream more music, make more fans and increase your online and offline presence with a variety of promotional services to extend your brand. We do the hard work for you. Our team of experts deliver comprehensive PR campaigns getting you featured online and offline, our social media experts grow your fan base and drive sales.
We are connected to thousands of music fans and producers all over the web. We can promote your music across all of our social networking pages and your music will be seen by the people it needs to be seen by


We create artwork that makes your music look as great as it sounds. We are also experts in creating mobile-friendly websites your fans will love. Stream tracks, share videos, build your email list, grow your social media presence, and sell music and merch. Our design services include Logo, Artwork, Release Cover, Electronic Press Kit, Releases Packaging, Ad, Website etc


Having a social media presence for your music career is a necessity, but a mere presence is not enough. Most artist & labels fail to realize the importance and impact of social media to the success in the industry. Learn to develop your brand and develop goals according to your vision.Our social media experts will help you take your career to the next level by integrating your social media strategy across multiple platforms.


Need a great photo shoot or a video production for your single or album on affordable budget? We connect you with a photographer or video directors. If you are a video producer, director, specialists, photography or video company, we connect you with artistes and labels. We also connect you with a fashion stylist.


Sell more music, make more fans and increase your online presence! In addition to providing our clients with some of the best distribution options available, we also have a wide variety of marketing services along with a network of established agencies that enable you to market across a constantly evolving market while boosting your brand awareness. Our basic and premium packages which includes email and social media marketing, brand partnership, radio PR etc will definitely suit your need.

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